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A successor of Neat Bookmarks since 2011


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Origined from Neat Bookmarks, an excellent bookmark extension for Google Chrome.

Inspired by "AddBookmarkHere" extension of Firefox, I added some new features to Neat Bookmarks, to provide more convenient way to manage booksmarks. After this, more other features are added. Many bugs found during the update of Chrome are solved. After years of evolution since 2011, now it has a new name "vBookmarks".

New features compared to Neat Bookmarks:

1.Bookmark current tab before selected bookmark/folder.

2.Bookmark current tab after selected bookmark/folder.

3.Bookmark current tab to the top of selected folder.

4.Bookmark current tab to the bottom of selected folder.

5.Add a sub-folder into selected folder.

6.Update URL of selected bookmark with current URL.

7.Copy title and URL information for selected bookmarks into clipboard.

8.Add an option: only show the nodes of the Bookmark Bar.

9.Add: Synchronizable bookmark separators.

10.Add: update checking and notification based on github. A tricky solution.

11.Fix bugs in Neat Bookmarks.

Licensed under the MIT License.

Notes for Advanced Features

1. Search in Omnibox. Type * in your browser address bar, then press space key. Now you can input keyword to search in your bookmarks.

2. Full keyboard support. When the popup is open, you can change the selected bookmark/folder by using ↑↓←→, and you can open the focused one by SPACE or ENTER. Use ← key to unfold folder. Use HOME/END to go to the beginning or the end. PAGE DOWN/UP, DELETE are also supported just as their original meaning.

3. When the bookmark/folder is selected, press F2 to rename it.

4. Press middle button of mouse to open all bookmarks in focused folder.

5. When the popup is open, use Ctrl+F to show the search bar.

6. Darg & drop is supported. So you can rearrange your bookmarks.

7. You can decide whether to close popup after click-and-open the bookmark. You can found this option in settings.

8. You can only show bookmarks in Chrome bookmark bar. Also has a option to in settings.

9. Open bookmark in background. Also has a option to in settings.

10. Control the zoom level of bookmark popup in settings.

11. Advanced Settings: Custom the style of separators. The option is in "Advanced Settings", you can found the entry at the right top of settings page.

12. Advanced Settings: More flexible customization for the whole popup. CSS skill is required. e.g. You can change the font of the bookmark tree by: * {font-family: Consolas;}

13. Advanced Settings: Custom the icon of this extension.